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Winchester Mystery House® Ghoulish Green Damask Crew Sock

Winchester Mystery House® Ghoulish Green Damask Crew Sock

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Dare to embrace the macabre elegance of the Winchester Mystery House® with these Ghoulish Green Damask Crew Socks. Featuring an intricate damask pattern in haunting green hues, these socks embody the eerie beauty that defines this architectural marvel. Let the spirit of Sarah Winchester guide your steps as you wander through the twisting corridors and discover the hidden secrets that lie within. These socks are a fashionable homage to the gothic allure of the Winchester Mystery House®.

* Combed Cotton/Nylon/Spandex for breathability, durability, and stretch * DOUBLE TERRY in the heel and toe area adds durability and comfort where most novelty sock brands fail. * 200N Thread Count for the highest level of detail * 40 Gram Socks with smooth seams * No uncomfortable bumps in the toe area * One Size Fits Most Humans Size 6-13, may be snug on wider calves

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