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Vintage Wrapping Paper - Flat Pack Gift Wrap

Vintage Wrapping Paper - Flat Pack Gift Wrap

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Wrap up some vintage joy with these aged-look wrapping papers! This beautiful luxe wrapping paper has a matte texture and heavier weight, with a gorgeous quality print. It is a truly remarkable artisan-made paper! 

✔ Heavyweight luxe paper

✔ Exceptional print quality

✔ Each sheet is 20" x 29" (50.8 cm x 73.7 cm) l ✔ Each individually packaged sheet includes a wrapping tips insert Designs:

✔ Vintage Medical ✔ Trash Friends (Raccoons, Possums, etc.) ✔ Dark Russian Fairytales (Acid green) ✔ Animal Bones & Skulls ✔ Alchemy Tip: This wrapping paper is heavier weight then most - use small pieces of packing tape instead of Scotch tape for best results.

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